With a population of almost 400,000, Oakland spreads across 78 square miles in Alameda County and is the 8th largest city in California. The 5th busiest port in the US handles 2000 ships a year. Landmark Art Deco buildings and theaters still survive in downtown Oakland. An LDS temple offers grand vistas of the San Francisco skyline and a cemetery in the hills designed by Frederick Law Olmsted holds a resting place for the famous. Bright murals along Piedmont Avenue pay tribute to the Key Transit System and the Ohlone people. Lake Merritt, a wildlife sanctuary surrounded by a Necklace of Lights, allows open space and walking and jogging trails. A new cathedral glows at night reflecting on the water.
  • Downtown Oakland

    Downtown Oakland

  • Lake Merritt

    Lake Merritt

  • North Oakland

    North Oakland

  • Oakland Hills

    Oakland Hills

  • Port of Oakland

    Port of Oakland


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