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Most photographs on www.williamzhang.com are available as custom-made, high quality photographic prints. A large selection of subject matter and style means you are very likely to find an image to suit your taste and decor needs.

The photographs on display represent only a small portion of the images contained in my archives. The site is frequently updated with new images from my files. Contact me if you have a particular image in mind that you haven't seen on the site. I will be happy to let you know if I have something for you.




To Order

A convenient way to order a print is by clicking on the Add To Basket button on the sidebar and then following the instructions there. There is no purchase button on the small thumbnail photos. I assume that you wouldn't order any print until you see more details on a larger photo.

About Prints

Two kinds of prints: exhibition prints and regular prints are offered.

Exhibition prints are professionally made with state-of-the-art techniques using a Lightjet printer and Fuji Crystal Archive paper. They are widely recognized as the highest-quality fine-art photographic prints available today for their museum-exhibiting characteristics. They display superior sharpness and color and are expected to last sixty years on display before any noticeable fading occurs.

The image will have a border around it (1/2 to 1 inch wide depending on print size) so the image size will be slightly smaller than the listed print size.

Regular prints are made using Fuji Crystal archive or Kodak Portra paper on Fuji Frontier machines, the standard photograph printing machine in the industry, providing an excellent value for your money. People are consistently amazed at the vibrant color and sharpness of the prints produced by professionally calibrated equipment and a color managed process. They are not your normal one-hour photo lab prints.

Due to differences in operating systems and monitors, and sometimes more elaborate pre-printing image preparation, there might be color and lightness variations between the image you see on the web and the print.

I usually do not offer mat and frame options without knowing the environment where a print will be displayed. The best display of a print should match the color of print, mat, and frame with the interiors. The neutral gray frame and mat you see on the large photo webpage is a compromise design to give a general impression of the final product. It is not suggested that gray is the best color for any frame and mat. I am sure your local store will help you choose frames that will match your existing decoration and furniture. Shipping pictures unframed and unmatted makes it also faster and cheaper.


Price includes shipping within the continental US, or airmail world wide. It does not include mat and frame. California residents need to add sales tax.



Print Size

Exhibition Prints

Regular Prints

Up to   6 x   9 inches  (15 x   22 cm)



Up to   8 x 12 inches  (20 x   30 cm)



Up to 12 x 18 inches  (30 x   45 cm)



Up to 16 x 24 inches  (40 x   60 cm)



Up to 20 x 30 inches  (50 x   75 cm)



Up to 30 x 45 inches  (75 x 115 cm)





Turnaround Time

Assuming I am in the office and not traveling, delivery takes about two weeks for the smaller prints, and up to three weeks for the larger prints since those often require custom drum scanning. When I'm traveling, waiting times may vary between three to five weeks. Please inquire if you have specific needs. Express orders are possible, but you will be responsible for any extra fees charged by the lab and/or Fedex.


The fastest way to pay for your order is through Paypal which does not require opening a paypal account. I accept checks, money orders, and major credit cards (via Paypal). For all payment methods other than Paypal, please note the photo ID, size and finish, and contact me. For each order, I will contact you by email with a estimate of the shipping date, and other details. If you don't get an email from me, this means that I am away from the office and have not seen your order yet.

Damaged Print

If a print is damaged in transit, I will replace it when the damaged material is returned. There are no refunds.

Special Requests

If you are interested in a printed image on alternative paper, on other media such as canvas, wood, porcelain, if you need oversized prints or other unconventional process options, please contact me.

Copyright issues

Your print will not have the copyright text on it as you see on this website. Prints are sold for display purposes only. No reproduction rights are granted or implied. Ownership of a print does not constitute ownership of copyright. The photographer retains full copyright of the image.



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