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I am based in San Francisco. As a travel photographer, I have experience taking photos of nature, culture, and people. I am as comfortable exploring off the beaten path as maneuvering through busy streets in a metropolis. I find inspiration in remote locations as well as in my own backyard, the San Francisco Bay Area, in spectacular views, exotic creatures, and familiar, mundane settings.

Through my photos, I aim to catch the spirit of a place, the unique character of a subject. I seek order from chaos, find beauty in unlikely places. I choose to make photos not only faithful to reality as I perceive it but also possess the visual and emotional impact I felt at the scene.

My photos have been used for commercial, editorial, and fine art display both in US and abroad. Almost all the images in this site are available for licensing. You can also purchase prints of the photos. Please contact me if you are interested in using my photos.

About Print
All Prints are professionally made with state-of-the-art techniques using a Lightjet printer on Fuji Crystal Archive Paper. They are widely recognized as the highest-quality fine-art photographic print available today for its museum-exhibiting characteristics. They display superior sharpness and color and are expected to last sixty years on display before any noticeable fading occurs.

The image will have a border around it (1/2 to 1 inch wide depending on print size) so that the image size will be slightly smaller than the listed print size.

Due to differences in operating systems and monitors, and sometimes more elaborate pre-printing image preparation, there might be color and lightness variations between the image you see on the web and the print.

I do not offer mat and frame options usually without knowing the environment where a print will be displayed. The best display of a print should match the color of the print, mat and frame with the interiors. The neutral gray frame and mat you see on the large photo webpage is a compromise design to give a general impression of the final product. It is not suggested that gray is the best color for any frame and mat. I am sure your local store will help you find frames that will go well with your existing decoration and furniture. Shipping pictures unframed and unmatted also makes delivery faster and cheaper.

About Copyright
William Zhang owns the exclusive copyright to all photographs on www.williamzhang.com. All images are registered with the US Copyright office. No images are within the Public Domain.

Unless explicitly mentioned otherwise, use of the images requires permission (in the form of a licensing contract) and payment. Please read License Images for more information.

1. PRIVATE USE, limited to: (a) personal, non-commercial purpose or (b) sample, design, test, or layout use ("comp use"), can be done without permission. All other uses require written permission obtained through email.

2. PUBLIC USE, for non-commercial purpose by individuals and all-volunteer organizations whose causes I support will likely be granted free permission, but approval is required.

3. Free permission always requires proper attribution and no alterations.


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